Consultancy: Governance with a Constitution

The primary challenge to ensure a sustainably profitable family business is to create a sound balance between the interest of the business and the interest of the family AND to ensure that the outgoing and incoming generation is in full agreement on the RULES of the BUSINESS. The BEST PRACTISE is to compile a CONSTITUTION that will guide future generations to manage the business with sound governance. 

The EAGLE is a perfect analogy for the CONSTITUTION. Eagles are a symbol of power and wisdom among nations and on armor and heraldic emblems of many peoples. There are also several references to the eagle in the Bible. It is a creature that moves with breathtaking speed and illustrates hunting skills with precision and perfection. The first step in the CONSTITUTION is to create a clear VISION. I compare the VISION to an EAGLE. An eagle can see further than any other living specie, and therefore his sight is not restrictive. Family Businesses also need a clear vision, a mental picture in their mind, of what they want their future to be and what they have to do to protect and grow the family business for future generations. Just as an eagle knows no limits or boundaries, your vision may never limit you and must constantly challenge you!
Wild dogs are the perfect analogy for family-owned businesses. Africa’s wild dogs descend from the gray wolf and have 30% more brains than our domestic dogs. It is this specie that maintains the most perfect balance between “family interests” and the interests of their “business”, which is hunting. Although hunting is very important to them, both the female and the male (the alpha pair) protect their young ones from danger at all costs. Wild dogs are Africa’s most successful hunters because they train their successors (children) properly by catching them live prey to teach them to hunt. They understand teamwork and do not argue about roles. Everyone understands their role and if they target you, you are in trouble! They are nomadic but leave no injured member of the family behind. They protect family at all times!

Consultancy: Succession Planning

Globally only 30% of family businesses move successfully from the first to the second generation, and less than 4% of family businesses reach the fourth generation. The primary reason for failure is A LACK OF PROPER SUCCESSION PLANNING. Succession is an integral part of your long-term business strategy and therefore vital to ensure sustainability. A tax-friendly structure will also avoid unnecessary taxes.


Accredited Family Business Consultants work closely with client’s own accredited financial advisors | auditors | attorneys. 

FABASA will facilitate access to Old Mutual accredited financial advisors, should clients need access to accredited financial advisors, AND other Selected Service Providers. 


Consultancy: Creating a Winning Culture


Says Gareth Ackerman: “Culture eats business strategy for breakfast.”

The behaviour or work ethics of family members in the business creates a culture of, “how we do things.” Culture should translate the organisation’s unique personality and soul into sound relationships, teamwork, customer-focused actions and great bottom-line results.

Instilling a winning culture can be a tough challenge, as it requires changing how people think about the business, how you measure results and how to alter habitual behaviours. We assist family businesses with a TEN-STEP process to ensure a WINNING CULTURE.


Business Education Workshops & Presentations

BOPLAAS Van der Merwes. Oldest Family Business in South Africa

Members have access to many workshops / presentations via several service providers.

The primary service provider is André Diederichs & Associates. See link:

Several topics are available e.g. specific challenges to family businesses e.g. governance and succession  | leadership & management | business & marketing strategy  | staff training | entrepreneurship  & others. 

Clients can also request workshops / presentations for their family businesses or bodies they represent, such as agricultural societies and business chambers.

NOTE: To adhere to the changing world of work, we do most workshops via WEBINARS on platforms such as ZOOM.