About Us


The objectives of FABASA are to become the official mouthpiece for family businesses in South Africa and promote the total development and sustainability of family businesses throughout South Africa AND to build capacity regarding family business development, and, to this end, to enlist the active co-operation and support of stakeholders and ensure that competent consultants, service providers and advisors service its members.

FABASA shall endeavour to address these objectives through:

  • facilitating access to appropriate enterprise development support including information and experience sharing, discussion of case studies and best practices on family business challenges;
  • organising educational workshops | Webinars
  • electronic interaction via our website
  • electronic newsletters on our website
  • sharing our media exposure on our website
  • facilitate the development, accreditation and presentation of family business consultants and financial advisors to support family business members;
  • any other means which may further the above objectives.

Some cool facts

Approximately 80% of registered businesses in South Africa are family owned AND 96% of commercial farmers in South Africa are family farmers